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John B. St. Francis, Esq.

John has a wide range of experience in handling many legal problems.

John has a proven track record as an experienced, knowledgeable, well prepared and successful litigator. He hasover 17 years of experience litigating in courts throughout Vermont.

Criminal cases: John has litigated thousands of criminal cases, bothfelonies and misdemeanors, in both State and Federal Court. Cases include DUI and all types of driving offenses, domestic assault, drug possession, embezzlement, arson and murder.

Family law matters: John has litigated all types of family court cases representing both fathers and mothers, husbands and wives in various cases including Child Custody and Visitation, Child Support, Parentage Actions, Divorce, and Relief From Abuse hearings.

Wills and other Probate matters: John has assisted numerous clients in the drafting of wills, powers of attorney, and living wills (advanced health care directives.) John has handled numerous Probate court cases including representing the estate in probating a will, representing beneficiaries of will to ensure they receive their due inheritance. John has also handled Guardianship cases representing persons on both sides at various times.

Personal injury and other Civil matters: John has represented numerous persons in personal injury cases from slip and falls to car accidents. John has also represented persons in post-conviction relief proceedings, contract disputes, property disputes and has assisted persons in obtaining a relief from stalking order.

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  • Criminal Defense: DUI, DWI, Domestic Assaults, Sexual Assaults, Drug Offenses
  • Family Law: Divorce, Parentage Actions, Child Custody and Visitation, Relief From Abuse Hearings, Juvenile Matters
  • Personal Injury: Car accidents, Slip and Falls, Dog Bites
  • Probate: Wills, Trusts, Guardianships
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